Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2984.Shell rot in a 19-year-old female red-eared slider

Dec 6, 2016

Internet provided the diagnosis of shell rot for the lady owner. Many treatments on the net but she had no success with betadine. Consulted me today.

This terrapin is well nourished. Lays around 20 eggs per year for the last 10 years. She lives alone on a plastic tank. Lately, the lower shell (plastron) has red streaks of blood indicating shell rot below. Painful as the terrapin would respond when the red streaks were touched.

Neck wound due to attempts to escape from plastic tank.
Ventral feet had wounds due to paddling to "lay eggs".

Monday, December 5, 2016

2983. Dog photography -elkevogelang.com - tips for success

Ref: Amateur photographer  20 Aug 2016


Was a freelance translator. Started

Since 2014, live solely on dog photography

Clients - advert agencies, pet food and accessory markets, mag and newspapers. Sell directly.

1. get familiar with the psecies. know behaviour and body language. be calm and relaxed. never hassle animal to get a shot. reward dog often and has fun.  eye level. show dog's tricks or character traits in the pic.

2. continuous AF mode. AF poit on one ey of dog.
3. min. shutter speed 1/100 sec for still dogs. 1/1000 sec for dogs in action.

4. Camera and lighting. Keep it simple. Fujifilm mirrorless gear over DSLRs.
    lighting equp v basic. Walimex Pro VE Excellence with 3 flash heads. Often use only one flash. Reflection of umbrella in eyes, so main flash has an umbrella. 2 other flashes have strip lights to provide for a rim light on the fur.

Cameras, Fujiflilm X-T1 and X-Pro2. compact light weight, high quality.
Quirkly dog portratis , Fujinon 18mm lens - wideangle effect gives a bit of distortion but it is not a fisheye lens. More elegant portraits  Fujinon 90mm.

Images very sharp. Stick with aperture around f/9 in the studio but wider aperture outdoors.  Continuous focusing even for portraits and focus point on one eye.

Background  dark-grey cardboard but white backgrounds sell pictures better.

Processing, plug-ins like Nik or Macphun rather than heavy Photoshop comping.


Profesional dog photographer   Andy Biggar

Saturday, December 3, 2016

2982. A 2-year-old Holland Lop rabbit has smelly urine for past 6 months.

Saturday Dec 3, 2016

The young man is knowledgeable about rabbit medical conditions.
"This rabbit suffers from urine scalding," I showed the matted, rough patchy hair loss on the backside and private part area. Dark pigmentation also occurs. A fever was present at 39.8C

"Yes," he knew what I was saying.
The rabbit was groomed monthly by a groomer specialising in rabbit for some 6 months.

"Your rabbit has passed urine many times a day," I stated. "She can't control her bladder as she has a UTI or urinary tract infection."
"Yes," he confirmed urinary incontinence.
"How many X/day does she pee in the past 6 months?"
"Smelly yellow urine. 2- 3 X/hour instead of 1x/few hours."

I hospitalised the rabbit to treat and to clean up the urine scalded area under anaesthesia. She was a stout strong one and resisted handling. Antibiotics and pain killers may eliminate the bladder infection and give the rabbit a respite from continuous licking and cleaning her backside.

Vit C and digestive pill alternate day. 80% hay and 20% pellet. This young man knows about rabbit nutrition. Urine scalding is bad for the rabbit as it is stressful to have to groom herself every 2-3x/hr when urine leaks from an infected bladder.

X-rays showed no bladder or kidney or urinary stones. That was good news. The rabbit should recover after treatment. 


2981. A 16-year-old Shih Tzu has runny nose and right eye discharge.

Dec 4, 2016

The dog had enucleation of the left eye around 7 months ago. She ate and could pee and poop normally outdoors, hurrying the lady owner to go downstairs faster on occasions when she came back from work.

So, I was much surprised to see her recumbent as if dying. No fever, temp = 37.9.
"Her blood pressure is low," my assistant said as we could not locate the jugular vein for blood collection. We could not find the cephalic vein distended easily unlike normal dogs.

"The femoral pulse is strong," I palpated the femoral artery again. "So, the pressure cannot be low. Take blood from the hind leg vein."  She did so as we could see the vein well.

I suspect the dog to be septicaemic as she just could not stand up and made noises when she was held for blood collection. Blood test will tell. An IV drip with antibiotics, vitamins and pain-killer pacified her. She laid down quietly. No movement, as if dead. Yet no rapid breathing. Tongue was cyanotic now and then. There was a left mitral murmur. Yet the owner said no coughing, rapid breathing or drinking lots of water.

X rays

We hope she will recover overnight by being able to sit up. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

2980. Various terrapin x-rays




Dec 3, 2016
A strange behaviour case study

restless and digging behaviour   14 year old female RES

fed pellets mainly 3x/week, one hollow head amount of pellets.

2979. Travel: Myanmar donation months - Oct - Images

Thursday, December 1, 2016

2969. A cat has seizures from midnight to 5 am. Why?

Dec 1, 2016

Cat, Female, Spayed, 8 years
Dec 1, 2016. Seizures from midnight to 5 am. What is the cause?

History: Left eye infection on Nov 27.  Diarrhoea on Nov 30, and a blood test was taken.  Then
from midnight to next day 5 am, the cat had a series of seizures.

Nov 30, 2016. Blood test showed low platelet count, creatine and urea. High blood glucose.
Dec 1, 2016. X-ray shows enlarged kidneys. The stomach and intestines were full of food as if the cat had eaten a lot.
                      Abdominal palpation - enlarged kidneys, mid-abdominal pain.

The cat was no longer having fits when I saw her on Dec 1, 2016 at 9.30 am. She was hospitalised and given an IV drip with Vit K1. In the afernoon, the cat vomited food and passed out lots of stools. No fits or vomiting.