Friday, April 21, 2017

3069. Golden Heart Animal Rescue, Yangon

April 16, 2017

It rained dogs and cats today. Fewer people throw water on passers-by as compared to April 13 which was the first day of Thingyan. Thingyan lasts 4 days (April 13 to 16) this year and would be 5 days in a leap year.

A good Japanese lunch in a restaurant opened by a famous actor. He had prepared a big metal basin of soup and some food to give to passers by, as this is a tradition of Buddhist donations. Giving food to the poor and needy, I can comprehend.

I wanted to visit an animal shelter in Yangon. So, Dr Thein Tun Aung drove me to the Golden Heart Animal Rescue in Yangon. I thought it would be a small one like White Heart Animal Rescue and Shelter in Magwe and was pleasantly surprised. It was around 1.2 acres in land area and 280 stray dogs of mixed breed welcomed me. One perched on top of a box which I presumed was used for the Buddha and flowers as it was near the main gate. You can see him in the video.

I predict it would house 1,000 stray dogs within 3 years and much organisation and fund raising need to be planned now.

Video at:

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

3068. Lung tumours in the Pekinese and a cat. Prostate enlargement in a dog. Normal heart and lungs




Prostate enlarged

Friday, April 7, 2017

3067. A 7-year-old female red-eared slider is restless, paddling, not eating. Wants to lay eggs?

Apr 7, 2017

Behaviour for over 7 days. Paddling of legs, loss of appetite, restless,
Apartment too small to have pool and sand area.
Suggested a sand box as nesting area and access to water for feeding. 
I advised oxytocin injection 2 days but owner wanted to wait and see. 


April 18, 2017    1.35 kg bodyweight.  Owner agreed to oxytocin 10 IU (1 ml) SC injection today.
                            Slider stretched out hind legs but did not lay eggs. Loss of appetite but active.
                            Soil and sand box given. No digging seen.

April 19, 2017     1.3 kg.  2nd injection of oxytocin 10 IU SC today. Advised Critical Care of 1 tablespoon/kg = 6 grams daily. Divide into 4 parts/day.  1 part of CC to 2 parts of warm water.
Syringe feed.     
                           Some sliders lay eggs in water. Provide a tank of water. Some lay eggs in soil and sand. But this is apartment living and there is shortage of space for water and soil areas.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Veterinary Files From Myanmar - Videos

April 12, 2017


The following veterinary educational videos for vet students & pet owners can be viewed by going to and search "veterinary files from myanmar".

Mar 2017
Dr T T Aung treats a coughing German Shepherd puppy in Magwe

Mar 2017
Dr T T Aung and Dr Sing Kong Yuen visit White Heart Animal Rescue and Shelter, Magwe, Myanmar

Nov 2016
Dr T T Aung and Dr Sing follows up on the Asiatic bear at Thanlyn Thabarwa Centre, 5 months after ranula operation

Nov 2016
Dr T T Aung treats a rabbit not eating

Oct 2016
Drs T T Aung and T T Soe donates to an old monastery; 2 case studies from RAVS

Sep 2016
Finding a Bear Vet in Myanmar. Pt 2
Visit to Naypytidaw Zoo

Sep 2016
Asiatic Bear 6 months old - Day 2 after operation by Scottish Vet and Aung

Sep 2016
2nd operation on the Asiatic bear's ranula by Dr T T Aung and a Scottish vet. Pt 4

Sep 2016
Dr Sing's Post-op review of ranula operation by marsupialisation on an Asiatic Bear. Pt 6

Sep 2016
Perineal urethrostomy in a cat house-call follow up with Dr T T Aung

Sep 2016
Dr Sing and Aung visits the Asiatic Bear 3 months after ranula operation

Sep 2016 
Perineal urethrostomy surgery in a cat by Dr T T Aung - Final Video
Dr Aung shares his surgical procedure knowledge on video

Jun 2016
Bear at Thabarwa Centre Pt 4. Pre-op check up at Thabarwa Centre, Thanlyn

Jun 2016
Sublingual mucoecoele in a bear Pt 4. Surgery by Scottish wildlife vet with T T Aung

Jun 2016. Visit bear at Thabarwa Centre, before tongue surgery Pt 3

Dec 2015
A Siberian Husky in Yangon has seizures

Dec 2015
Visit to RAVS - layout plan
Oct 2015
A Yangon cat cannot give birth

Sep 2014
A testimonial for Dr T T Aung who started his own practice in Yangon. One of the rare vets who treats veterinary medicine as a calling rather than as a money-making business.

Sep 2014
Visit to Yezin Univ of Vet Science

Aug 2014
House-call at Hyatt Hotel, Singapore with Dr T T Aung in 2010 house call cat swallowed a needle
About Dr T T Aung

Aug 2014
Dr Sing and T T Aung gave talk to University of Yezin final year students under MVA
visits university campus and rural areas

Aug 2014
Nystagmus and cloudy cornea in a Shih Tzu puppy

Aug 2014
Nervous signs of distemper in a Yangon English Cocker Spaniel puppy

Aug 2014
A Myanmarese cat has pyometra. Video in Myanmar language

Aug 2014.  Depo-Medo inj leads to pyometra in Yangon cats.
A Myanmarese cat has pyometra. Video in English language.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3065. A breeder wanted to delay Caesarean section

Mar 31, 2017

"I need an urgent C-section. The water bag had ruptured!" the breeder rushed to Toa Payoh Vets.
On arrival, one puppy (Pup 1) was born naturally while inside the van.
"I want an oxytocin injection as this Dachshund had C-sections before," he said. This was a very experienced breeder. I did not want to advise that there was no time to waste as the water bag had ruptured, but then a puppy was out.

So, I gave the oxytocin 1.2 ml IM. We waited. Around 15 minutes, a very large dead pup (Pup 2) was born with a shrunkened placenta. There was no water bag. So, this could be the one with the water bag ruptured, prompting the breeder to phone me.

The Dachsund, 61st day pregnant still had swollen abdomen, indicating at least 2 puppies still inside.

Puppy 3 -  a large pup with detached placenta.
This pup was not crying  but revived and was OK.

Puppy 4 - a small pup wrapped inside the water bag as for normal puppies seen at C-section.
This pup was not moving much and breathed like gasping for breath.

Friday, March 31, 2017

3064. A 6-year-old female Schnauzer dripped brownish red vaginal discharge

Apr 1, 2017

Not eating much for 20 days. Vomited 1-2X in 20 days. Lethargic.
Last heat was end of February. First consult is March 31, 2017.
Closed pyometra suspected. X-ray and blood test.

Drips of sticky brownish red vaginal discharge seen during X-ray
Blood test showed septicaemia (high total WCC, neutrophils and low platelets).
Just 6 years old, female Miniature Schnauzer. Bites.

X-rays show the characteristic swollen uterine horn (sausage shaped) and in real life, the uterine horns are much swollen and wrinkled.  Heart failed during surgery but was revived.  

Blood test  Mar 31, 2017

Urea 18.7  (4.2-6.3)
Creatinine 72  (89-177)
Total white cell count 42  (12-18)
Neutrophils  97.5% (60-70%),  Abs  41  (3-11.5)
Platelets  46   (200-500)

A septic blood. 

FOLLOW UP 5 days post-op on Apr 5, 2017
Eats and drinks little
On antibiotics and NSAID Rimadyl.

Such severe sepsis may lead to death post-op as the blood is full of bacteria and toxins.
The owner had delayed 20 days of the dog having poor appetite before seeking vet advice.
It is a miracle that she survived the anaesthesia. Post-op survival is not guaranteed. If the dog eats more every day, chances of survival are good as the kidneys are not affected.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

3063. A 6-year-old Spitz slipped on the floor and became lame on the left hip - subluxation of hip joint

1. Wait 2 weeks. Painkillers and restriction of movement. If the dog can walk normally, then she will recover. Medial patellar luxation of right hind leg has no effect on lameness.

2. Femoral head excision but it costs more.