Thursday, January 1, 2015

1165. The aggressive female Silkie Terrier has false pregnancy

January 2, 2015

This thin shivering, female, 17-month-old Silkie of 2 kg bodyweight came in for vaccination and a veterinary check-up . She vomits "gas" suddenly, as if there was gas inside the stomach.

"She bites my fingers with her back teeth nowadays, but not my daughter's," the owner said. "She pants with her tongue out for the past few months. I am worried about her health!"

"When was her last heat period of vaginal bleeding?" I asked. 
"6 months ago," the working lady owner said.

"The heart and lungs are normal," I had checked with my stethoscope (video). "No swollen uterus indicating pyometra and no vaginal discharge."
"Was there any vulval licking 2 months ago?" I expressed white milk and light brown fluid from the breasts. "Your dog has false pregnancy which occurs around 2 months after the heat period. The aggressive behaviour is due to the hormones of false pregnancy."

A blood test is taken and the dog will come back next week for spay.

Some busy owners may mistakenly report that the female dog was on heat 6 months ago. Actually it was 2 months ago as milk was present without the owner's knowledge. This was false pregnancy. Spaying and dental scaling will be done in 7 days' time. The dog was vaccinated and dewormed and went home.

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