Saturday, January 3, 2015

1166. Final Video: An elbow wart in a dwarf hamster

Jan 3, 2015.

A vet missed seeing the lower elbow wart based on general examination without lifting up the hamster to examine the lower side and diagnosed the itchy hamster as suffering from environmental causes.

I noted a right sided scratching, a circular right- sided flank wound and right-sided ear area inflammation. When I examined the dwarrf hamster upside down, there was a large hidden wart just in front of the lower side of the elbow. Inflamed and bitten. This would be the cause of the tichiness.

Electro-excision of the wart should resolve the problem. No more sand bath or deep food bowls to irritate the elbow.

It is best to examine every part of the itchy dwarf hamster as the cause may likely be just an irritating lower elbow wart. 

Every hamster owner expects no anaethetic death on the operating table. In this case, isoflrurane gas is given in just sufficient amount with the hamster in a container. The wart was
excised in a split second. The hamster went home the next day.

No bleeding if you use electro-surgery.

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