Wednesday, April 21, 2010

36. Exclusion of the mum at the award

"It is not the right thing to do," I said to my god-daughter. There would be an award presentation for her at the University. The top 2% of the cohort would be given awards and she asked mum not to attend. After so many years of bringing a child up as a single mum, I would say that this mum should attend since she could afford the fares. But the daughter said no as she had no accommodation for mum. "Most likely no time for mum," I said to her. "As your examinations are just round the corner and at least 3 of your friends had visited you recently, taking up much study time."

Mum was understanding and did not insist. Yet it is one of those very rare occasions in motherhood because out of 100 students, only 2 would be given awards for academic excellence. Maybe the awards should be given at the end of the examinations?

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