Friday, April 23, 2010

Grooming success

Today, I spoke to two experienced dog groomers today regarding their business successes as they brought their puppies for vaccination.. Their location is in middle-class areas.

GROOMER 1. Couple. Over 40 years old. Children. Vet surgery nearby.
1. Too many young unqualified groomers underprice
2. Not easier to hire good help.

A vet practice nearby. As the vet does not do grooming, this couple is in an envious position of getting grooming clients. Apparently, a tenant in the laundry business blocked the view of their signboard. I have not visited this shop.

GROOMER 2. A gentleman in his 30s. He was born into the pet shop business and I could see that he had developed the pet shop well. The mother is an experienced groomer. I knew the father for over 10 years and recently visited the shop and had a long chat with him. The father had an accident and was discharged from the general hospital on the same day. He became comatose at home and passed away recently. I was shocked as I had talked to the father about his high cholesterol levels.

1. Underpricing is not the way to sustain the profitability.
2. Quality clientele is the way to go.
3. Dog owners who go for the cheapest quote are not wanted.
4. Important point for growing the business is that the dog must look forward to grooming, not being abused and goes home happily.

It is the groomer's service that brings in the cases rather than the pricing.

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