Saturday, June 26, 2010

114. Sunday's highlighted case. Lifestyle of dog

Jun 30, 2010
Dog: X, Male, 2.5 years old

"My dog didn't get fully cured," the couple in their early 30s said. "He had a neck bite wound some 3 weeks ago. He was treated by Dr Teo. Now the disease has spread to his left fore leg, his right fore dew claw and pad, his chin is red, there are pimples on either side of his penis. His penile sheath is swollen."

"These problems are due to the active the life-style of the male dog," I said. "It is like people. Those who drink alcohol a lot will get drunk, unlike others."

I drew illustrations to record the skin problems for ease of reference later.

1. Red inflamed chin. The dog was destroying the leather shoes of the brother
2. LF above carpus. 2 black spots due to medication and licking.
3. RF dew claw and nearby pad. Bleeding and red. Dog had bitten it. Microscopic exam showed ringworm.
4. Groin pimples and swollen penile sheath. The dog must have "humped" in the absence of the owners. There was another dog (female spayed) that might be injured.

After advising on treatment, I discovered that the young husband loved fishing. Their blog is There is a forum called

"You need money to start a business," the young husband said and the wife noddded in agreement.

"Does it mean that if I start a travel agency business, I must own coaches, airplanes and hotels before I can start?" I asked.

"No need," the couple agreed.

"Nowadays, you have the internet. You can set up a niche deep sea fishing website and provide a service people want," I said. "Does it cost a lot of money to host this website? Will S$20/month do?"

The couple agreed that it would not need a lot of money to start a business out of a hobby.

What type of services?
1. Specialise in deep sea fishing over the next few months of years
2. Be a Singapore expert on local fishing.
3. Be able to arrange a deep sea fishing tour package.

"Anybody can search for what they want on," the wife said.
"What if I want to go for deep sea fishing tour package and want to know the cost. Can I find it on" I asked.
"Yes," the wife said.
"No," the husband said. "You can find the boatman but not the whole package."

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