Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 65-year-old gardener

"My body is full of cancer cells," the white-haired, 65-year-old grey-eyed white eye-brow gardener said to me when I met him doing gardening at the house where I was staying in Perth. I had asked why he did not retire and just stayed at home. His children were grown up. He reminded me of an old Englishman in the UK during my undergraduate days. This old English man was still active doing gardening and any housework when I stayed at a bed-and-breakfast home in the 1960s.

I was surprised as he was active and busy doing gardening and cleaning the swimming pool. The gardener elaborated: "When the doctor injected some drug into my spine," the drug caused the arsenic in my body system to form scattered small Grade 2 tumours inside my muscles. So, my body is full of cancer cells."

"What treatment did you receive?" I asked. "Some blood changes," he said. "Nothing can be done to eliminate the tumours. It was from arsenic from my 30 years in the printing firm. Arsenic was used for the printing plates at that time."

He was offered blood changes in the US at a cost of US$50,000 but his doctors advised againt it as it would not completely cure him. "Maybe 40%," he said. The gardener had skin cancer and had taken 18 operatrions. He showed me his leg scars after tumour excision and grafting of the skin. Some rough scars but no tumours. Apparently Caucasians and Irish Caucasians are prone to skin cancers. Now, his wife covered his body with UVL cream. Only his hands were free from skin cancers.

Yet this man lives a positive mindset and did a good job at the gardening and pool cleaning. It took him some one hour to do it and getting exposed to the UVL. Will UVL cream prevent skin cancers? He is a guinea pig as the doctors are using his blood and "soon they have a discovery which will benefit his children to prevent skin cancers in the gene."

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