Wednesday, February 9, 2011

329. Modern carpark warrior

For many years, Singapore's car park wardens walk to the carparks to catch errant motorists. Before they could book one, the Toa Payoh Lor 8 industrial park tenants co-operated and warned their neighbours motorists would run to their cars to put parking coupons onto the dashboard. So, the wardens needed to sneak inspections by arriving at odd times.

Today, I noted a golden car and commercial wordings like "Chubb" parked across my car which was parked near the the fire hydrant. I was leaving and was going to politely ask the driver to make way. Inside were 2 men. One was checking his digital pad and said to me: "Somebody complained but I had not keyed in your car details yet." I thanked him and drove to the Library.

From my speculation, the HDB had outsourced to Chubb to catch errant motorists. Somebody in Chubb would check google maps at 9 am in the Chubb ofoffice and see my car parked illegally. So, it was time for enforcement.

No more walking wardens now. They sneak in by car and booked errant motorists by printing out a summons from their PDAs. No more chance for the ordinary citizen now, but most car parks are automated and only this one near my Surgery is not. So, expect driving car park wardens at any time and at any day now. Hit and run, I mean book from inside the car and drive away!

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