Friday, February 11, 2011

332. Common pet shop operator's complaints about younger vets

"No need to feed chew bones, no dog treats, no need to give vitamin supplements as the dog food is complete," a few pet shop operators and breeders complained to me about some newly graduated vets. The owner whom they refer to the vet would provide feedback to the pet shop operator.

"It is best not to make any comments," I advised younger vets. "There are at least 200 brands of dog food. Can you guarantee that they are all complete and balanced nutrition? Those certified by AAFCO may claim to be complete and balanced and therefore there is no need to buy vitamin supplements."

I explained the joy of owning a puppy. The owner enjoys buying dog treats and the puppy enjoys them thoroughly. So, the puppy gets diarrhoea due to certain raw hides or treats, but this does not happen to all puppies. By saying no treats, the vet deprives the new owner of the joy of ownership. By saying all dry dog food is complete and balanced diet, the vet gets into possible litigation.

"In any case," I said. "If the puppy has diarrhoea, the owner needs to pay for veterinary treatment and learns to buy high quality puppy treats.

There is one vet on the website who says that his dog who is at his vet surgery daily never get sick and therefore does not need yearly vaccination. Based on his own dog, he concluded that no re-vaccination is necessary. This is a point of contention. However, old dogs not exposed to viral diseases may get by without booster vaccination. If the dog falls sick, it is his problem.

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