Wednesday, May 11, 2011

438. How to succeed in the employment agency and veterinary business


If you don't mind feedback from me (as a prospective employer) as to how to succeed in your employment agency business, the following is advised:

1. Open a case file.
2. Interview the applicants yourself.
3. Assess whether they can speak good English and give them a ranking e.g. Grade 1 (excellent) etc.
4. Qualify the applicants as to whether they meet most of the employer's requirements.
If they qualify at least 80%, then you contact the employer.
5. When you present the info to the prospective employer, they don't need to waste time downloading and reading resume as you have done the qualifications.
6. Just e-mailing resumes of prospects looking for the vacancy the employer requires is NOT the way to succeed in this employment agency business. You have to open case file, interview, record the characteristics and personality of the applicant, qualify and recommend to the prospective employer.
7. I am not an employment agent but the above are general guidelines in any real estate, recruitment and many other businesses.

Even for veterinary medicine too. Only that the vet must "qualify" the client and the pet as regards financial situation, anaesthetic risks, prognosis and outcome of treatment. For example, a woman who brings in stray cats will seldom want to pay for X-rays and blood tests. I have a case of such a woman (cat activist) who complains loudly to me and in front of other clients that $500 veterinary fees charged by a vet just to treat a stray cat are too high. She expected the vet to be compassionate as after all, the cat is a stray cat.

On examining the bill from the vet who treated her stray cat, the fees included blood tests and two X-rays. Therefore, in veterinary medicine, there is also the same guidelines as what I give to you. Therefore, please do not just e-mail resumes from various applicants you have not personally qualified if you want to succeed in this highly competitive world of business.

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