Thursday, September 8, 2011

593. Follow-up on pemphigus dog

Geylang East Public Library
Thur Sep 8, 2011 7.30 pm

I phoned the lady owner about the nursing of the dog with pemphigus.
She said: "She has a very good appetite."
"How often you feed her?" I asked.
"Three times a day."
"How often you wash her mouth?" I had recommended using the garden bottle type spray to rinse the mouth and keep the open wound clean.
"Five times a day. After meals and once in the morning and before sleeping time. The mouth wound is no longer reddish. Have I got to come for review this Sunday (3 days from now)?"

I wanted to review and see if I need to stitch the left lip area which was hanging loose. I did not stitch last time because of the need to shorten the anaesthesia to avoid heart failure in this 10-year-old dog.

The painkillers and antibiotics are doing the work. So, the dog is active and hungry. Nursing is excellent. The wound is no longer inflamed. The test will be when no drugs are taken.

I asked her to come next Sunday. She thanked me.

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