Saturday, September 10, 2011

601. Cardiac tamponade - before and after treatment

I hope the two newly created images of cardiac tamponade from my file will bring veterinary medicine alive to the final year students about to graduate from Australian Universities in Dec 2011.

The case study is at:

During my final year exam in Glasgow University in 1974, I need to pass the final exam at one go. That was the system. Nowadays, the students pass exam by modules during the two semesters and the total of the modules add up. It is much less stressful than during my time as I need to study everything and anything to pass the final exam or not graduate.

I have a viva from a visiting professor. An animal will be presented and I need to diagnose and give treatment advice. I don't know whether the final year students in Australian University still gets this oral practical exam of a case presentation for the final exam. If they get cardiac tamponade like this case, they may at least do well, I hope.

Any heartworm in this Labrador Retriever?
No. See image of test.

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