Monday, September 19, 2011

619. Two weeks after surgery & treatment - pemphigus in a Shih Tzu - Part 4

Sunday Sep 18, 2011

The Shih Tzu is now so energetic and inquisitive that it was so hard to believe that she was causing so much distress to her caring lady owner for many weeks before treatment. She had literally a mouthful of "tumours" as you can see from the picture as follows:

The long history of this case is at:


"This is an auto-immune disease that will return if not treated with drugs," I explained to the owner that the dog's bodies produce antibodies to attack her skin cells.

At this review 2 weeks after surgery, it was sunshine as this old companion looked almost normal. What's more, she could eat and run, like a "reborn" dog.

"Is there another tumour inside the mouth?" the young lady asked me. The Shih Tzu objected to me opening her mouth. She twisted her head here and there. So, I took a picture when she yawned. "It is hard to say if she has another tumour inside the mouth," I replied. "Wait another two weeks."

I asked her to take the two types of auto-immune drugs and will review 2 weeks later. The dog had put on weight and the hair in the body had grown more. She looked so much prettier now that the hideouos lower lip and other mouth tumours had been excised by me using electro-surgery 2 weeks ago.

The drugs must be given at the lowest safest dose and this is why reviews and 3-6 monthly blood tests are necessary. In most cases, I don't see the owners coming for reviews after the first time. This is the culture of city living in Singapore and that is the way it is.

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