Wednesday, September 28, 2011

641. Eye injuries are emergencies. Do not wait.


Attn: Dr Sing - Regarding XXX's condition

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Dear Dr Sing,

I visited your practice on the 16th of September, Sunday due to an ulcer recurrence in my dog, XXX's right eye. I first came in because he was squinting in his right eye for a few days and there was discharge. Dr Vanessa and yourself checked both his eyes with fluorescein stain and diagnosed it to be an ulcer and some scratches in the right eye, while his left eye was clear with no problems. Surgery was done to stitch up his eyelids and i was to come back in a week's time for review and another time in 14 days(02/09) for removal of stitches.

I came back on the following Sunday for Dr Vanessa to take a look at XXX and told her a problem that XXX had a few days after surgery - his left eye seemed problematic, there was a lot of discharge and he couldn't open his eye properly. She said to apply eyedrops and that another fluorescein stain test would be done next week again to see if there is an actual problem (it was not done that day because she said it is not good to do the test so many times in a short period).

Til today(23/09), i have been doing as told and his left eye does not seem to be getting better. He can barely open it, and there is still alot of discharge. Even after flushing it with saline, the discharge appears again in a few seconds. Today, i noticed that his right eye opened and i guessed it is because the stitches are dissolving, though the stitches are still on his eyelid. His right eyelids are swollen, and he still has trouble opening his right eye. I am not sure how much it has healed as it seems like how it was before surgery.

On the 10th of March this year, he had the same surgery done to his right eye, and right after removing the stitches 14 days later, you commented that the cloudiness has cleared by 50 percent. Thereafter, recovery was very good and both eyes were big, bright and clear. This time, the process is very different. His right eye does not seem to be healing well. He seems weak, lifeless and appetite has not been as good as it was before surgery.

I am certain that i have done the same things and have taken care of him the same way I did back in March. E-collar is put on 24 hours every day, medication is given daily, and i took extra care to separate him from the other dog at home. Because of his condition, i am constantly distressed and worried.

The purpose of writing to you is to let you know what has been going on with XXX. I hope that you can help. I will be at your practice this Sunday morning. Thanks for your time in reading my email.



Thank you for your e-mail and excellent report of XXX's health. Eye injuries are emergencies and ulcers are best treated within 24 hours of injury.

1. Pl bring your dog to see me today, Thursday Sep 29, 2011, not Sunday, as what you described in your email is serious eye injuries in Russell. .

2. Separation of your dog from the other dog. By separation, I mean 100% total separation as advised and not even one minute of meeting each other at any one time. This is because the other dog would have licked Russell's eyes. The other eye could have been injured and become ulcerated. This would be likely what had had happened, in my opinion. I recalled that you had agreed to isolate Russell in the bedroom all at least 14 days. Did Russell "escape" out to play with the other dog or did the other dog enter the bedroom?

3. Please bring your dog in immediately today Thursday Sep 29, 2011 for me to assess urgently.

I checked my records. The case done earlier is at:

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