Thursday, September 29, 2011

648. Dwarf hamster, female, 7 months, everted pouch

The young lady's vet gave a baytril 1% oral antibiotic 2 days ago. He said he would not operate as he was not able to do so. The lady surfed the net. Isoflurane gas - the assistant must focus on this. Dr Vanessa operated with me. Clamped pouch. Hamster woke up. Anaesthesia. Excised with scalpel. Anesthesia again. Stitch 6/0 absorbable x 3 interrupted.

"Don't stress the hamster," I said. "Unclamp as the hamster had woken up. Anaesthesia again."
The pouch was thus stitched.

Questions asked by owner:
1. Feed liquid food? Not need.
2. Can she store food? Not much as 80% had been cut off.
3. What if she did not get surgery done?
Pus already in pouch. Gangrene tip. Hamster will die from infections.

"Warts seen in right ear," I said. "If they grow bigger or the hamster feels itchy, they need to be excised." Presently her vet had give some anti-fungal wash to the other hamster with similar problem. Both hamsters live by themselves.

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