Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Sep 4, 2011's interesting cases

This was the 2nd Sunday that the young lady came. She wanted to be a vet although she had already a degree. Overseas universities do give mature students a second chance to study veterinary medicine. There needs to be a plan for the next 3 years and financial savings amounting to at least $300,000.

1. FALSE PREGNANCY in a cross-bred. I noted that the dog was seen by me in April 2010 and the notes said: "Breasts full of milk. Advised spay one month later." Of course, the owner never came back. Now, the same dog had the back two breasts filled with milk and the couple and their child brought the dog to Dr Vanessa for spaying. Spaying is possible but not in the interest of the dog as the milk may leak into the abdomen through the operation site. "Only the last two breasts have milk," Dr Vanessa told me.

So she was prepared to spay. I cautioned the owners again as peritonitis due to milk seepage into the abdomen is always a possibility. "What if there is a need to extend the incision further back in some cases?" I said to the owners. They could disappear again if asked to wait, as in the past. History repeats itself. Or they just go to another vet. In the interest of the dog, this surgery ought to be delayed. In the interest of the owner and the vet, the spay should be done on the spot. Why lose a client to the competition due to advice in delay? I have had lost such cases to other vets. So, much depends on the vet's philosophy. In this case, the owner accepted my advice again, to wait for one month. Maybe I should follow up.

"The owners asked for ultrasound," Dr Vanessa told me when I asked why an X-ray was not done instead. "The owners think that an X-ray is harmful to the puppies."

In this case, the ultrasound showed "2 pups" one of whom looked like a female with the word "vulva" highlighted in the scan. An X-ray will not show the gender but will show definitely how many puppies are present (skeletons) and their position.

The two boys 7 and 8 years old were quite active. Both wanted to know how the paper cutter worked and I permitted one to push down the handle to cut the paper. The older brother wanted to cut but mum objected as it could be risky. So he said: "Why is my brother allowed?" I ensured that he could safely press the cutting handle down to cut the envelope. I am recycling envelopes as covers for case cards and have to cut them to appropriate sizes. It does not look high class to use recycled envelopes but it does save trees.

Then the older brother showed me a video of his iPhone of the male Golden Retriever mating with the female Spitz. "About 20 minutes of marking," he said. I thought he said "marching". Mum asked what he said. I said: "Mating. You don't need to talk about the birds and the bees nowadays to the children."

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