Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two toilet training advices - a Sheltie puppy and 7-month-old adopted Golden Retriever

Young Sheltie.
Playpen with newspapers occupying 1/3 of the playpen space. The lady owner said this was successful. A couple with the wife being an accountant and the husband being a financial professional. At the reception, I had good discussions about accounting, purchase of an HDB flat and not being allowed to invest in private property for 5 years, the good prospects of accountants, the shortage of auditors, secretarial fees of $600 being said to be amongst the lowest in Singapore, financial leverage in property asset accumulation and property rental investments which the wife is keen on. Vets are encouraged to read financial and property news to be able to carry on such a conversation with some clients like accountants.

An accountant can open his own shop and sign documents if he has been certified by CPA Singapore. "A finance and banking graduate can do insurance," the wife said to me. "But he can't open his own shop," I said. "Insurance professionals setting up a shop requires the person to be qualified as an actuary." An actuary is a professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

Adopted Golden Retriever

"I used to think that it is cruel to confine the dog," the young lady said to me as this was what Dr Vanessa advised her. She adopted the dog as the other friend did not want him. He peed and pooped all over the kitchen floor and apartment.

"The best is to confine him inside the common bathroom for 2-4 weeks," I advised. "Put feed and water bowls in front. Observe where he sleeps (clean area) and put newspapers to cover his toilet area. Put up a fencing barrier at the door entrance so that the dog can see everybody.

"Or bring the dog out to the garden spot after he wakes up and after breakfast and dinner. Give a routine to this dog and he will eliminate outdoors."

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