Wednesday, March 21, 2012

917. Follow up on 48-hour panting dog 7 years old

Today Mar 22, 2012, I follow up with care-giver groomer.

19.3.12 Emergency 11 pm came in with panting non-stop. Case written earlier.

20.3.12 Groomer came to pick up dog at 7pm from Toa Payoh Vets. Dog was OK then. At 11 pm, was the worst. At 11 pm, panted and tongue came out like shortage of breath. Gave medicine fortekor half tab. Dog OK after 1 am.
Not panting badly. In morning, still pant but not badly.

21.3.12 Groomer gave the following:
9am Fortekor first, 1/2 tab
9.10 am Lasix 1/2 tab
9.20 am Vetmedin cap

Came home. 8 pm. Only gave Lasix 1/2.

21.3.12 Last night 11 pm , did not pant. Heavy breathing. Does not put out tongue

22.3.12 Repeat the same as morning of 21.3.12. The dog was normal. Appetite OK, eat Caesar canned food at 1/2 can. Normally 1/2 can 2X/day as instructed by owner. Urinated a lot.
11.31 am I spoke to groomer. Dog OK now.

INTERESTING ASPECT OF THIS CASE - In my observations and findings.
1. Heart sounds muffled on ausculation compared to normal dogs with heart disease or CCF (congestive cardiac failure). A case of hydro-pericardium?
(X-ray showed enlarged heart).

2. Heart murmurs - slight or absent
3. Tongue cyanotic during emergency admission on 19.3.12 and blood collected were bluish
4. Blood test - ALT high, serum urea and creatinine very low. Yet WBC and RBC within normal limits.
5. Heartworm test not done.

A "sudden onset" and persistent panting case. So what is the actual cause? Congestive cardiac failure? Overweight? Heat stress? Bacterial or viral infections starting? Dog eats well and is active. Puzzling?

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