Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1082. Connect with the client - The Power of Prayer

I have no doubt that the story as narrated by a friend I have known for over 30 years is true though I did not witness it. So I advised Dr Daniel to communicate with him by talking about the "power of prayer". But he did do it.

The story was that one day, a New Zealander couple came to this friend's cafe for breakfast. The husband was in a wheel chair and had been paralysed a long time. So he would use the stick to get up and hopped with his wife's support. My friend asked permission to pray for the husband's recovery. Permission was granted. At the end of the prayer, the husband stood up and then threw away his stick as he could walk normally. I guessed Dr Daniel found it hard to believe in the power of prayer and did not mention this to my friend who had brought in a Golden Retriever with muzzle inflammation for treatment. This dog was seen twice by Vet 1 near his place but had not responded. He wanted a second opinion.

I asked Dr Daniel to follow up 3 days after our treatment. It is always excellent service to follow up. He phoned but there was no response. My friend phoned me later and said: "I can see some hairs growing in the muzzle skin. I guess it is recovering."

So I told Dr Daniel. "Do you think it is the power of prayer?" I asked him. I doubt that my friend prayed for the dog to recover in this case and I did not ask him as it sounds too frivolous. Dr Daniel still would not believe in the New Zealander story. "Well, you connect to a client not just on dog skin disease," I said. "It is on topics that interest him. By the way, he narrated another episode of healing. A woman was paralysed and could not even walk. She recovered after he prayed for her..."  Dr Daniel rolled his eyes and would not talk further.

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