Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1811. Blood test of closed pyometra CKC 4 years

The size of the womb is bigger than the German sausages sold in the gourmet supermarket as you can see from the images. Packed bursting with pus. I showed dog with PUO, JJ's owner, the difference in blood test of a bacterial infected dog.

"The blood test showed low RBC, HCT and Hb and normal MCHC.

Total WCC 127 (6-17). Neutrophils at 95% indicating a raging bacterial infection and a serious poor prognosis of death.
The platelets were low at 11  (normal 200-500) - likely to bleed internally to death.
The lab report said: "the blood cells show degenerative changes? age/transport. several abnormal seens seen. No platelet clumps."

On clinical grounds, this dog was having septicaemia and the owner must be informed early prior to surgery of the high probability of death on the op table. Failure to do so would be negligent of the vet. I phoned the owner to tell him. The dog was operated by dr Daniel and is OK now. She is young and so has a better chance of survival. No x-rays were wanted.

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