Monday, August 27, 2012

1065. Malocclussion in a lob rabbit

Lower jaw longer, upper jaw shorter. So malocclusion.
Trimmed 2 months ago. The rabbit's front teeth overgrows every 6 weeks due to malocclusion.
I advised filing the teeth after I have had clipped them short but the gentleman was busy working as a cabin crew. He used the cloth to wrap around the rabbit to file the front teeth. But the rabbit struggled and so he could not do it.

He asked whether there were solutions as he would not want to come every 2 months to file the rabbit's teeth. "Hold the scruff of the rabbit's neck firmly with your fingers of one hand," I showed him. The rabbit was immobile and he was impressed. "However, you need a person to do it while you file the front teeth."

The other solution would be to extract all the 4 front teeth under anaesthesia. "Usually, the teeth would not grow back again if the root is completrely removed.. There is always an anaesthetic risk of death," I said. "What is the cost?" the wife asked. "Around $250."

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