Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1020. Painful throat - large dog bone treat or bone swallowed?

Hard to say. The 8-year-old male, chihuahua X came in with a big black scab of 5 cm x 4 cm under the neck. Not eating but could drink. Pain on palpation. What was it? The lady owner confirmed that the dog ate bones but had no problem.

Blood tests - Total WCC 14.9 (6-17).
N 75%, L 8%, M 15%, E 1.4%, B 1.2%

X-rays - Some radio-dense area occluded the pharynx or was it severe inflammation and ulceration?
Hospitalised for 3 days with IV drips and medication. On day 2, dark thick liquid stools were passed out. More IV drip and anti-spasmodic. No more passing stools for next 2 days.

The dog recovered and would be sent home today. No further complaints as at 3 days after going home.

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