Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1029. Papilloma in a CKC - a photo-essay

My script for this photo-essay


1. Opening shot - TUMOUR
2. Middle - Contents - Diagnosis and treatment
3. Closing Shot -  NO TUMOUR
4. Key Shots x 2
5. Theme - Be Kind To Pets - Examine her mouth weekly

The older dog is a family member. Externally groomed, eats and drinks normally

Mouth seldom examined

A lump appears. It grows bigger and bigger

Is it cancerous? Doubles in size within a week. Likely to be cancerous.

How to find out?

Anaesthetic risks in old dogs. Blood test to screen health. Health OK. Take the risk. Yes.

Biopsy as recommended by the vet professors during undergraduate studies. This is the usual practice.

No. Fast growing tumour may be malignant.

Anaesthesia. What type? Intubation normally. But this endotracheal tube blocks the view.

IV Anaesthesia. Effective? Yes if you know the dosage. 50% will do.

Electro-surgical excision including extraction of teeth

Send to lab for histopathology  -  Squamous papilloma. So not an epulis.
Good news. Not cancerous.

Goes home happy owner.

Examine your older dog's mouth weekly for oral tumours

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