Thursday, August 16, 2012

1044. The young generations prefers emails and sms

Hi Dr. Sing,

It has been awhile since I last emailed you. A lot has changed in the past few months and ........ has ceased operations due to a lack of clients. I did however, see that you are employing vet techs in your clinic. I was wondering if I am eligible to apply? I have extensive experience working with animals. Attached is my resume, maybe you can have a look and tell me what you think?

On Aug 15, 2012, at 9:21 AM, Kong Yuen Sing wrote:

Pl come for an interview at 9.30 am on weekdays this week as regards vet tech job or other collaborations. My phone is 9668 6468. Thanks. 
On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 2:32 PM,> wrote:
Thank you Dr Sing for the opportunity. I would like to know what the average pay is like as well as I have a sick father to support at home. To be honest, if it is too low I wouldn't want to waste your time as well. I hope you understand.

On 16 Aug, 2012, at 5:03 AM, Kong Yuen Sing <> wrote:
Pl let me know what pay you expect and what hours you will put in.

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 10:28 AM,> wrote:
Hi Dr Sing,
I am intending to work full time, any hours. My expected is salary is $2500 per month, but I really don't know what is the market norm. Do correct me of you think I'm expecting too much.


If you are free, it is better to have an interview. Working "full time" and "any hours" has different meanings to different people. So, it is not possible to market yourself just via emails. Your resume shows that you don't have "vet tech" experience but there are other positions in Toa Payoh Vets.

Unfortunately, interviews cannot be avoided if you want no misunderstandings. A person can be worth every of the $2,500 salary if he or she can contribute and earn much more for the company with new ideas and concepts that vitalise a company and increases its revenue. Just talking about $2,500 salary expected for a "vet technician" position just does not have any meaning unless experiences, testimonials, duties and responsibilities and performance can be known. 

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