Monday, August 20, 2012

1051. Holiday in Hong Kong - Aug 20 - 24, 2012

August 21, 2012  Tuesday at 4 am, Hotel Panorama, Hong Kong

I am on holiday in Hong Kong from Aug 20 to 24, 2012. I understand Cantonese and so Hong Kong is an interesting place for me but not for the other two Singaporeans with me.

The Hong Kong tour guide would lapse into Cantonese even though she was supposed to speak Mandarin. This trip, I did not go on the packaged tour as I had gone on it for 2 times previously.

Hong Kong's Hotel Panoram (4-star) was full yesterday Aug 20, 2012 according to the front-line staff. Tourism from China is the main revenue earner for the tourism industry. Some Chinese tourists even asked me for directions to the subway or out of it! 

I flew by Cathay Pacific Airways from Singapore and reached Hong Kong at 12 noon. After checking into Hotel Panorama, I went to the Yung Kee Restaurant in Queens' Road for the famous roast goose. One article in Cathay Pacific's in-flight book mentioned that the actor recommended Yung Kee's goose meat to Angeline Jolie who was very pleased with this dish. Other Hongkonger clients of mine had mentioned this same restaurant for roast goose meat.  I also checked with the staff of the hotel and the gentleman said that locals also go to eat the goose meat and therefore, the price must be affordable.

I reached there at 3 pm. "Sorry to inform you," Julia laughed and pointed to a notice outside the door expressing regrets for the inconvenience caused. "Your goose meat is sold out!". All the way from Singapore and of all days, this was the date and time that the much hyped roast goose meat was sold out. I did not wait for the 5 pm goose and my 2 Singaporeans were hot and sweating and decided to go back to the hotel to rest.

I continued with my walking and street photographs, two of which I am posting for readers to appreciate.


Hong Kong is vibrant if you can sense it. There was a woman with her bags sleeping outside the high class departmental shops in Central and no policemen came to move her away. The location is excellent, at a corner of the famous roads of Stanley Street, Queens' Street. Somewhat equivalent to Singapore's Raffles City central business district.

Another good corner location is a fruit vendor near Graham Street. She does not seem to have much business.

I may visit a veterinary surgery in Northpoint today. A break from my daily routine of morning to evening work every day including public holiday gives me a chance to review my practice's future directions and its management in a highly competitive environment where 50 vet clinics are said to exist in Singapore now.

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