Monday, August 27, 2012

1066. Advise on a caterwauling cat without carrier

Cat was spayed on Monday yesterday. Came in on Sunday as she was caterwauling and was a noise nuisance.

A young Malay lady (nurse from Kandang Kerbau Hospital) came to take cat home after spay by Dr Daniel. Her father came into the clinic while her mum was in the car.
"Bising, neighbour complained," the father said. "Will she still make noise.?" So, the mother decided to put the cat here for 2 days after spay. Today, bring home.

She wanted to carry the cat out of the clinic to the car.
"No," I said. "Put it inside a carrier. Take the carrier to your car."
That should be the way.

"When can I bathe the cat?" the mum had come in while the father had gone to the car.
"You can bathe the cat if you don't wet the bandage covering the wound," I said.
"Better not to bathe," the daughter said.
"How long must wear the e-collar?" the mum asked.
"10 days," I said. "This is to prevent the cat biting the bandage and then the wound. Intestines may pop out if she does it."

"Will the cat still be noisy?" the mum was worried that neighbours were complaining.
"Possibly," I said. "It depends on the hormone level. As a precaution, give 1/4 of the Ovarid 20mg/day for the next 4 days and this would stop the meowing."

I advised feeding a cat food for "fat cats" as this cat was overweight at 6.5 kg at 11 months of age.
Also deworming and vaccination. This owner education is important and most vets don't do it as the cat came in only for spay. And so spay would be done.

I asked the young lady why she came from Woodland to Toa Payoh Vets to spay her cat. "There is one vet in Woodlands and one in Admiralty," she said. "I was referred to you."  Referrals are very important in this type of business.

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