Thursday, September 13, 2012

1095. 8-year-old Mini Schnauzer still vomiting

Yesterday, at 8.15 pm, the gentleman came with his 8 years old, Schnauzer, Female, Spayed last year by my associare vet was still vomiting and though we close at 8 pm, I waited for the dog. 

"She did not vomit when hospitalised here and ate food," my associate vet (Vet X) said. I noted that the dog was thin and moderately dehydrated.

"Was an X-ray done?" I asked.
"No," Vet X said. "An ultrasound showed nothing except some gastric fluid."

I advised a barium meal test the next day. Strange case. No pain or foreign body/lumps inside the abdomen when I palpated. Lost a lot of weight. I will follow up on this case. Some tumour in the oesophagus/upper area?

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