Thursday, September 20, 2012

1112. Black anal area in a 10-year-old male neutered Dachshund

The owner wanted to consult me specifically. Together with my associate vet we saw the case together. The lower tail had some loss of hair due to licking and the anal skin area was very black.
My associate thinks there is nothing wrong. Some light brown anal sac oil was expressed.
"Palpate the area with your fingers and you will find that the lower half of the anal skin is hard," I said.

I believe this dog has the beginning of circum-anal tumour and asked the owner to observe closely for further enlargement in the next 2 weeks. I took a ride from her to the Potong Pasir subway.

"Are all tumours cancerous?" she asked.
"No," I said. "However they bleed when they are bigger as the dog licks them or they get traumatised, soiling the floor. So it is best to ask your vet to remove them early when they are small."

On the same day, another owner brought in a 4-month-old Boxer with a red swelling on the upper part of the anus. "It could be insect sting or trauma," Dr Daniel said and gave some medication. "I will advise an e-collar," I said to the owner. "If the swelling is still around after one week, I need to inject anti-inflam into it to shrink it."

It is best to give good advices to the owner and do palpation to feel the tumour or lump. The Boxer's will be an inflammation as it appears suddenly.The Dachshund's black anal area is due to licking and has existed just for the past 2 weeks. It is not a good sign and owner must be advised to monitor very closely. Very itchy turning to blackness pigmentation.   

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