Friday, September 21, 2012

1113. Follow up- Massive perineal hernia in a Silkie

Around July 2011, the Silkie's perineal hernias were repaired. See:

UPDATE TODAY SEP 21, 2012. I phoned the owner today. Around over 2 months ago, the dog suddenly refuse to eat or drink and was shivering. There was a slight swelling of the perineal hernia earlier but now the swelling had increased. As it was an emergency, the owner rushed him to another vet who operated. The bladder had prolapsed into the hernia and that was why the dog could not pee.

Now the dog is OK. There is a "hole" in the hernia as there was insufficient muscle to close up the hernia, the lady owner said.

He is well loved by the family members. He was neutered after the first perineal hernia repair and had become more fierce.

There was no delay in treatment otherwise the dog would have died.


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