Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1086. Open pyometra Jack Russell - the old vet did it

"The old vet did it," the sister said when I asked about a pyometra surgery done on her JR in Nov 2011. I checked the records and it was I who did the surgery. As part of my succession plan, many cases are now handled by Dr Vanessa and Dr Daniel Sing. So, the old clients don't see me.

However I do consult in the mornings before 12 noon and am usually at the Surgery at 8.30 am. If I handle all the cases, the associate vets will have nothing to do and not gain the necessary experience over time. I do check every case handled by the associate vets and inform them of any matters to ensure a higher standard of veterinary medicine and surgery.

Associate vets have to understand that a more demanding and sophisticated clientele requires much more expertise of Toa Payoh Vets which has been established for over 30 years. Just treating coughs and colds is not the main focus of Toa Payoh Vets. Veterinary surgical skills are being built up.  

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