Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1119. Two surgeries, 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Urinary Stone analysis by NUH





A case of two surgeries for bladder stone removal in a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel done by an associate vet is reviewed by Dr Sing today Sep 26, 2012

April 4, 2011 blood in the urine. Did not want more tests.
May 23, 2011 dysuria - blocked bladder
May 26, 2011 blood test, x-ray, UA, cystostomy. calcium oxalate
Sep 4, 2012 dysuria - blocked bladder. x-ray, cystostomy, stone analysis

May 24, 2011 UA pH 7.0, SG 1.028, Protein 2+ Blood 4+, WBC 10, RBC >2250, Bacteria 3+, Crystals calcium oxalate occasional
Aug 28, 2011 UA pH 7.0, SG 1.029, Protein 3+ Blood 4+, WBC >2250, RBC >2250, Bacteria 3+, Crystals Nil
May 24, 2011 Blood test. ALT 629 (<59 132="132" 23="23" ast="ast" n="90%</div" total="total" wcc="wcc">
Sep 4, 2012 Stone analysis by Dept of Lab Medicine, NUH
I spoke to the lab people about the approximate %

Calcium stone Trace (10%)
Phosphate stone Trace (5%)
Oxalate stone Trace (10%)
Urate stone Positive (40%)
Magnesium stone Trace (1%)
Cystine stone negative
Ammonia stone Positive (10%)
Bicarbonate stone negative
The stone is crushed and analysed using the colorimetric method. Trace = light color. Positive = intense colour. A semi-quantitative method.
I asked my associate vet whether there were any recommendations about diet and was told Urate Diet was recommended.
FOR UROLITHIASIS, non-struvite urinary tract health
Indications: calcium oxalate, urate and cystine urolithiasis; end stage kidney disease.

This is a low protein food exhibit unusual lab vales such as USG<1 .020=".020" and="and" are="are" br="br" bun="bun" compliance.="compliance." dl.="dl." effectiveness="effectiveness" food="food" methods="methods" mg="mg" monitor="monitor" monitoring="monitoring" owner="owner" ph="ph" s="s" serum="serum" the="the" to="to" uirinary="uirinary" usg="usg">
Target urinary pH
7.1 to 7.11 increases solubility of non-struvite crystals.

Every 6 months, do a fasting serum chemistry profile and echocardiogram for underlying metaboic abnormalities
Two cystotomies were done. Owner does not comply with instructions on using prescription calculytic diets and this is their own wish.

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