Sunday, September 16, 2012

1100. Veterinary surgery report - Shih Tzu with blocked bladder


The problem was that this Shih Tzu had dysuria after a second bladder surgery and the other vet recommended a second urethostomy and scrotal ablation. The first urethostomy would be closed as it had "ben blocked by pus and scars".

However, we find that the first urethostomy was not blocked. The most economical solution for the owner, in my view is to extend the first urethrostomy and excised the infected thick scrotal sac (scrotal ablation). Opening a second urethral hole would be quite traumatic and invasive.

This was done and so far, the dog could pee normally via the first urethrostomy. The owner asked for neutering and excision of a big swelling at the left inguinal area. This was done by my associate vet. In conclusion, this dog had four anaesthesias and surgeries.

In retrospect, 3-monthly monitoring with urine tests and X-rays and special diet like S/D and C/D would have prevented any surgery after the first urethrostomy. But no Singaporean owner, in my observation, has time for post-operation check ups.

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