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1209. Hamster from Malaysia email query

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Hello Dr Sing Kong Yuen,

I'm from malaysia and i came across your site everytime i need to search information whenever i suspect my robo hamster are not feeling well which is not a good things. Past few weeks my 2 years old robo hamster been sctraching more than usual & i notice some bald patch. I took him to vet & the vet told me that my robo hamster are having demodex mites if i'm not mistaken. I couldn't find much information about this mites. If you could kind enough to explain more about this mites to me as It's kinda hard to find vet that take small animals as hamster at malaysia here.

The vet giving us some oral medication to be feed to our hamster with syringe twice per week. Today was my hamster 2nd medicine after last 3 days we have feed him with his 1st medicine. I have not seen any improvement on our hamster. Am i over worried dr. sing? When i'll see improvement on my hamster after the medicine? Is this demodex mites dangerous? is it serious? Can it be cure? He is my 1st hamster & it's very sad to see him suffer. It's worse than having myself to sick Sad smile

Thank you.




Pl accept my apologies for the late reply.

Skin diseases in hamsters are due to many causes including trauma, mites, fungal, bacterial, allergies and poor management. I am sorry I can't help you via the internet correspondence. 

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