Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Follow up: Golf ball lump in a Golden Retriever's face

Dec 4, 2012  9.23 am

I reviewed the surgical case done on Oct 14, 2012. Not possible to talk to the busy owner for long but he said dog is OK and would check if the nylon stitches have been removed.
Golden Retriever, M, 9 years, 27kg

Blood test -  Total WCC = 5.2 (6-17) which is low. N=63% OK, L=22%, M 8%, E6%, B1%. Surprisingly in June 4, 2012, the Total WCC = 3.3 which was lower. N=55%, L 28%, M 11% E4%, B2%. Platelets 110 (200-500). The dog came in for vaccination and health check and there was no complaint of ill health. This dog is very selective in eating.

24 hours before surgery, IV drip and antibiotics

Not a fit candidate for anaesthesia as Total WCC is low and the dog is old and thin. Short surgery, the better chance of survival.

Electro-surgery controls bleeding better. Still time between first skin incision and last stitch took 57 minutes and isoflurane gas time = 85 minutes. Xylazine 1.3 ml + Ketamine 0.3 ml  IV provides ineffective sedation. Needed isoflurane gas mask top up.  Nylon 2/0 x2 packets. PDS 2/0 x 1 packet used.

HISTOPATHOLOGY.  Granulation tissue either due to ulcer or wall of abscess. Had eaten chicken bones which could have pierced the cheek muscles.   

Blood test is useful in health screening pre-op. Still, there is need to be speedy, accurate and completeness in surgery.

As at Dec 5, 2012, owner said dog is OK.


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