Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1204. Integrity, meticulousness and bungling

Some young men are accident prone. I know of one young man. Whenever he plays football, he ends up with broken toe nails and lameness most of the time. I was surprised to encounter another young man in a similar predicament.This young man wanted to study vet medicine and he interned at my place. He got As for O level and is in a top Junior College and so he should be an intelligent young man.

Yet some forces affect his work as an intern.
One day, I asked him to pull out the plastic tab of the IV drip bottle as part of his hands on work. It is like pulling the metal tab of a can of Coke. I had already said he is a bungling person. He pulled the ring. The ring came off but the circular plastic cover still covers the IV drip bottle. It is like pulling out the ring of the Coke can but you can't drink because the circular piece didn't come off.

On another occasion, he showed me a video production. I encouraged interns to do it. "How come you showed the owner going away from Toa Payoh Vets when he is supposed to enter the Surgery to consult the vet?". He said: "Nobody will know. It is done in movies."

"Integrity of a production or any work process is very important," i said. "You think viewers are stupid but many will point this out. I don't want this Toa Payoh Vets video to be a multi-media class-room case study of the lack of integrity in production. In the National Service, we call bungling person cocked up." The young man laughed. Somehow fate seemed to be against him.

So he changed the scene. The video now showed the owner walking the dog into the Surgery to consult the vet. Great. "But how come the owner coming to see the vet wears a blue T-shirt and yet in the consultation room, he wears a yellow shirt?"  There is a need to be meticulous in a person's work esp. for a top school student.

After producing the video, he asked me to view it. I could see that the wording "subtitle/text" appeared again."Something wrong with the software," he said to me.

In the end, no video was produced.  A lot of time was spent by me too.

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