Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1276. A successful dog breeder in Singapore

Around 2005-2006, I was doing Caesarean sections at $300/dog at any time of day or night, for most dog breeders and $10/vaccination and so I am interested in the latest developments.

In 2013, at least one dog breeder with around 300 dogs was most successful. The reasons are:
1. Focus.
2. Hard work and long hours from dawn to dusk. Dams give birth at any time.
3. Sound knowledge of breeding. Purchase of good quality breeds e.g. Chihuahuas from Taiwan and not using the same sire.
4. Cheap C-sections. Two vets provide such services at $250/Caesarean.
5. Cheap vaccinations at $10/dog. It dropped to $7 at one time.
6. Own microchip with the vet certifying the record of microchipping. This brings down the cost more.

1. Difficulty in maintaining proper records when there are 300 dogs free-roaming.
2. Sometimes difficulty in knowing which sire was responsible owing to free-roaming.
3. The need to get a male dog to discover heat in the bitches as manual examination is time-consuming.
4. It is possible to use a vasectomised dog to detect estrus in bitches as in the sheep industry but I believe nobody does this for dogs in Singapore. So, there is mis-alliance in breeders who have free roaming dogs owing to insufficient and high cost manpower. Dogs crated will not have this problem 

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