Monday, February 11, 2013

1283. Follow up: The tough hamster goes home

Feb 12, 2013 
3rd day of Chinese New Year

The young lady and her friend came at 10.13 am to bring the hamster home.

"She's panting," she noted.

"Yes," I said. "She is not well as she had bacteria in her upper nose and upper lips for a long time. When did you see the black ear in the right ear? The cut off ear is inside this shoe box brought by you earlier. "
It is sometimes good to provide evidence of surgery.

"I saw the ear tumours about one month ago," the lady said. "My hamster keeps scratching them off,"

"Most likely her right paw had damaged the right half of the nose skin and bacteria went in. There is now a bad smell from her as the nose is still infected."

In dogs and cats, it would be easy to give antibiotic injections and IV drips. In dwarf hamsters, there is a small amount acceptable owing to the small body area.

"This hamster can still eat after surgery," I parted the litter and the young lady could see at least 20 small stool pellets. At home, the lady had to peel off the shells and hand fed her. But after surgery, this hamster could crack the sunflower seeds and ate. The proof of good appetite is in the passage of the faecal pellets.

The white hamster said to be less than one year old, panted more whe

n handled. Her eyes were now open instead of sealed up as I had put eye drops.

"Is she still dehydrated?" the lady asked. "Shall I still peel the seeds and hand feed her?"

"She seems to be less dehydrated as you can see that the skin does not stand up when I pull the neck skin. She weights 25 g now. I am so surprised she has eaten."

"She is a greedy hamster. She has lost a lot of weight," the lady said.

This was one of those cases that I expected not to survive after surgery and yet she had eaten. 

"Medication for another 4 days and keep her in a very dark place for the next 7 days."
"Shall I cover her cage with newspapers?" the lady asked.
"Best to keep her in a dark room and take her out only for medication and clean the nose with warm water as it is still smelly. It is not so swollen but it still has bacteria."

Today is a bright sunshine day unlike the last 2 days which had showers and dark clouds. I hope this hamster will survive with proper nursing.

Never give up hope when there is no hope for a very ill hamster. Life is full of twists and turns.

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