Monday, February 11, 2013

1286. Trust & Audit Case Study: A rare case of a hamburger tumour inside the mouth of an old dog

Good dental hygiene is very important for people and dogs as some oral tumours form when the mouth is not clean. Yearly dental check ups will be ideal. In February 2013, I encountered a case of a dog with bleeding in the mouth and face.

"Oro-nasal fistula also known as malar abscess or carnaissal abscess," I said to the two interns very confidently as this was a common problem in old dogs that seldom if ever was sent for dental check ups or scaling.

I was 50% correct. There was a large oral tumour shaped like an oval elongated tumour! Veterinary medicine throws surprising oral tumours to me even after 40 years of practice! The dog was eating food under this tumour which expanded to fit the length and width and height of the oral cavity.  I doubt I will ever see another case similar to this.

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