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1292. Toilet training an older poodle again

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Hi, I need your advice.
I have a toy poodle, she is spayed and can pee on tray 100%. But when she was 3 years old, I brought home a mini poodle puppy.
Since then she refuse to pee on the same tray. I put another tray in another room, she pee on the new tray some times. And rest of the times, she pee on the floor around the tray that the new dog pee.
I cant grab her to put her on the tray as she is very aggressive, and growl and bite.
I have tried to give her more attention, and also tried to beat her, but she just get worse
What should I do?
Thanks first
Thank you for your email. It is not easy to give advice in your situation of two poodles competing for your attention. Have you tried "positive reinforcement" method of treats and praises for performance? Or the clicker method?

1. Spend time with the old poodle.
2. When she pees on the tray, give her treats and/or praises or bring her for exerciseThis depends which motivates her.
3. Use the old tray which has her urine smell. What happened to it?
4. Neutralise the urine smell on the floor.
5. Confine to small area again as in puppy toilet training.
6. Spay her if relevant.
7. Many weeks and months of positive reinforcement training may be needed to change the behaviour as the dog is an adult and not a puppy with ease of training.
8. Ensure she has no urinary tract infection - check with your vet. Urine test.
9. There may be a need to separate both poodles for some time and to wash your hands when you handle the younger poodle before handling the older one.
10. Pee trays may NEED to be washed frequently if your old poodle is a cleanliness freak and this may be one reason she will not pee on the pee pan but outside the perimeter..
11. Use the commercial pee pads to absorb the urine as a different approach and trial?

The above are some of my suggestions and I don't know whether they will work. Best wishes.

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