Monday, February 18, 2013

1296. Blank CD of digital X-ray

Yesterday, Feb 18, 2013 I brought a Jack Russell to a clinic for X-ray. The owner brought the dog in saying to Dr Daniel and I: "I heard a crutch....crutch...crutch...sound and this dog was under my car. If his injuries are too severe, put him to sleep."

"The dog must have slept under the car," I said.
"My SUV car has a high floor and he could be running under the wheels."
The dog was standing but limping on the right hind limb. Dr Daniel put the dog his left side on the examination table and gently palpated the right foot and lower limb. There was no pain reaction. I was beside him and so I flexed the right hip. The dog yelped. So there was intense pain and some swelling in the hip area.

Dr Daniel said: "There are muscle tremors in the right hip area" meaning that the car trauma would be in that area rather than the foot.

Was there a hip fracture? However, the dog looked

I had known this gentleman for over 20 years and though he can well afford any veterinary expenses, I know sometimes he will not want to pay and so I said: "If you want to want to save money, wait till tomorrow while we give the pain-killers." He was undecided. If the dog has a serious injury, then he would euthanase her.

So Dr Daniel decided on 3 X-rays - the abdomen one view and the hips 2 views. The storm clouds were gathering this afternoon. But I took the dog inside the crate to this clinic for the X-rays. The male vet was busy talking to a client and I said hello to him. Another vet attended to another client who wanted to borrow the "wheel chair" for his paralysed lame dog. The principal vet was busy consulting with clients. It seemed to be a bustling clinic in this stormy afternoon with a government department warning of flash floods.  

So, I did not bother them. After the X-ray, I waited a while for the drizzle to stop and read a Pets' Magazine. A slim  frontline girl in light yellow uniform asked me whether I wanted an umbrella. I said yes and she gave me one. I took the dog out. Another staff (a volunteer) in greyish blue uniform was behind me and helped to open my car door so I could put the dog crate in. Service from the front-line staff was excellent in this clinic.  As there was a "We reserve the right not to serve you" notice on the lower front of the receptionist table, I did not make any conversation with the staff. In case of misunderstanding? Actually they were too busy to make idle conversation too. Once I got into the car, the storm clouds burst.

On returning to Toa Payoh Vets, Intern Ms Toh came out to take the crate and the CD of the X-ray. "This CD is blank," Dr Daniel said to me. I was much amazed as this had not happened before. How did it happen? I don't know. Dr Daniel phoned the clinic to ask for the email copy. I answered the phone when the clinic called. The staff manning the phone said: "You will have to wait a while for us to email to Dr Daniel. The vets are busy."

Cock ups do happen in the service industry. It is one of those surprises in life. This must be a rare occurrence.      

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