Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1419. Update: Anal wound closed up by Dr Daniel

"The old dog's circum anal wound is very big," my intern Ms Toh said to me. "But I can't illustrate. It is just very big!". Sometimes I try to motivate my intern to be more interested in the various surgical conditions in dogs. After all, she will be studying vet medicine next year and internship gives her real life cases.

"Is it a 12 to 6'oclock tumour around the anus?" I persisted.
"I don't know," she said. From Dr Daniel, it was this massive size. The wound was large as a big piece of the skin with tumours was removed and stools just lodge inside this big wound.

"This wound will never close by granulation because stools keep contaminating it," I said to the owner and to Dr Daniel. "A skin flap has to be made to stitch the anal sphincter to the skin." The owner consented to the surgery and even phoned yesterday to ask whether it was done. "It is being done now," I said. The surgery was done by Dr Daniel. No more defect or gap. Wait and see.   

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