Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1420. Divine intervention?

Yesterday I spoke to my client whose heart had stopped beating for over one hour in 2008 when he went in for a surgery of his middle ear. Emergency resuscitation by the medical team revived him but now he feels deep chest rib pains. His heart is OK.

"My ECG reading was flat as a straight line," he said. "I was dead."
"Did you see bright lights?" I asked.
"I saw bright lights, blue skies and hear hymns."
Was it divine intervention for an athesist? Was there medical negligence as his medical form and his hand bracelet stated he was allergic to augmentin. Yet he was given augmentin prior to surgery? I am glad he is alive. His dog which was diagnosed with paraplegia by Vet 1 was massaged and managed to prevent bed sores survived to 15 years of age. He started to walk "but hopped" after home nursing. Recently he had kidney failure and I had to euthanased him. The client came for a death certificate and I asked him about his health after being "dead" on the operating table. I was most happy he was alive.

Doctors are not Gods. They make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. Some mistakes cause deaths of patients. It is important to adopt a systematic procedure to check for drug allergies before anaesthesia and surgery and to ensure drug dosage is not above requirements.

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