Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1430. Update: The young lady with a Terrier X with multiple bladder stones

Thur May 23, 2013  Toa Payoh Library 2.30 pm

I believe that the Terrier X was operated on Sunday,4 days ago by Dr Daniel and I. Thousands of stones. Millions if you count those peed out over the past 9 years!

This morning, 9.49 am,  I phoned the lady owner of this Terrier X. No response. Could be sleeping or working. I sms her:
"May 24. Is C eating n normal now? Dr Sing Toa Payoh Vets"

At 12.19 pm, sms reply

"Hi yes she is...:) pee is clear and just passed motion today she's recovering really well! Results for the stones will be out on Sun?

2.33 pm I reply:
"Not so soon. Will inform u."

Nowadays, it is better to text or send images of X-rays, lab reports by phone. Not a word needs to be spoken and no time wasting.

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