Thursday, June 27, 2013

1483. A visit to the wet market - 628 AMK Market

Today, Friday, Jun 28, 2013, I visited 628 AMK Market, a wet market that has more vacant stalls than some 5 years ago.

At least 4 fish stalls were not open. "What happened? No business?" I asked the lady fish-monger of 10 years at stall 01-177. She said: "Some operators have retired, some open later."
However, a lady customer in her late 40s said: "One stall had not opened in the past 2 months!"
"You are a good mother," I said. "Instead of going to air-conditioned supermarkets to buy fish, you buy from the wet market where the fish is more fresh."
"I have NS boys to feed," she referred to her sons in NS (National Service). "In any case, I don't know how to buy fish at the supermarket."

In supermarkets, the fish is frozen for many days or weeks, in my opinion shared by those who shop at the wet markets. In the wet market, the fish-monger is more a friend who will be honest with you as regards the condition of the fish. Whether it is fresh or not and its origins. In supermarkets, you have to take chances. I wanted to buy the fish used for nasi-lemak rice but she had none. I bought 4 pieces of Norweigian salmon, silver fishes for omelette, a small pomfret and 2 slices of the type of fish the Chinese cook for pregnant women after birth believing it is nutritious for them.Total cost was $52.00. 

I rarely market anyway and today was an exception as I wanted to take a video of the wet market at 6.30 am and buy a sweet water melon from Fatty fruit seller for the family. I visited the Lai Lai Hock Aquarium. The old man selling terrapins could not hear me when I asked how old the terrapins were. "$2.50 for one and $2.00 for the plastic container," he kept repeating. I just visited to see the baby terrapins, not to buy them.  

As for my camera, I discovered I did not have the battery.

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