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1450. Shih Tzu with bladder stones and urethral stones - urine test

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Date:   09 June, 2013  
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A Shih Tzu has urinary stones in the bladder & urethra Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVSDate:   09 June, 2013 
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1450. Shih Tzu with bladder stones and urethral stones - urine test



Stones have been removed on Jun 4, 2013. The stones in the urethra behind the os penis were flushed back into the bladder. All stones were removed via the bladder by Dr Daniel. There was no more difficulty in passing the catheter which was put in place for 2 days.

The dog went home on on the 3rd day after surgery to save money for the owner. Some cases may need to stay longer for observation and confinement.  

S/D diet recommended for 1-3 months and then C/D diet to acidify the urine. Regular urine tests and X-rays should be advised in writing.

Urine test on Jun 4, 2013

pH 8.0 (5-8), SG 1.015(1.005-1.030), Protein +, Blood 4+, WBC >2250, RBC 351, Bacteria 2+, Crystals Amophous phosphate +.
Shih Tzu will go home tomorrow with S/D and C/D diets for 1-3 months and urine tests every 3 monthly is advised.

Many Singapore dog owners ignore the vet's advices to follow up on monitoring tests. Recurrence of urinary stones do occur in some dogs. 

Stone analysis is being done.It is best practice to get the stone analysed, although struvite crystals are found in the urine. I expect the chemical analysis to confirm struvite urinary stone. 

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