Monday, October 28, 2013

1134. Follow up on Bichon Frise at 2.30 am. 55 seconds to complete peeing

Monday Oct 29, 2013

At 2.30 am, I woke up. I took the Bichon to the grass as that is his usual elimination area. He has a urinary catheter bandaged since 2 days ago, on Sat evening.

He stood, raised his right hind limb while balancing on3 legs. I counted 55 seconds before he put down his right hind leg indicating he had peed.

He will not pee indoors and will hold his urine for around 12 hours till he is ler outdoors. Urine stasis encourage crystal deposits and infrection as in people, leading to UTI and stone formation.
He does not pee on newspapers or pee tray and so he had been holding onto the urine for the past 7 years. When he goes to the grass, he will urine mark a few spots, esp. the lamp post although he had been neutered as a young dog.

Therefore, the lifestyle of the male dog - holding back urine to urine mark, leads to stone formation and UTI.

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