Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1137. Abandonment of a German Shepherd

For the last 3 days, the man who brought in a German Shepherd for "de-ticking" would not respond to my phone calls.  In the first day, he said he would be coming. His brother said the father's car had been involved in an accident and was toured away and asked for my bank account to pay for de-ticking. I asked him to come to the Surgery and he said he would in 15 minutes. He did not turn up nor did his brother phoned up about the dog. On the 2nd day, I sms his brother to say I would report him for abandoment of the dog. He texted back to say "Busy at work. On the way." But he did not turn up. Today is the 4th day.

This seems to be an abandoment of a young German Shepherd. The brothers had told me that they want the dog but behaved differently without a concern about his well being. The father was against this dog. Dr Daniel has arranged for new homes.  

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