Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1139. Shih Tzu takes a long time to pee in the morning and passes blood at the end of peeing

Dr Daniel advised an X-ray for this 6-year-old male neutered Shih Tzu, much loved by his owner.
"He is the king in the apartment," she said. "He would bite me when I discipline my son and similarly will protect me when he thinks I am threatened by biting my son."
"He is fair and good protector," I said.

The X-rays showed stones in the bladder and at the bend of the urethra.
"What to do?" she asked. "My dog died under anaesthesia when I was a young girl and I do not want surgery."

Methods of treatment
1. Medically to acidify the urine and to dissolve the stones if they are struvites.
"How long does it take?" she asked.
"Ir the stones are small, it may take from one month onwards."

2. Surgery to remove the stones via the bladder. A syringe pumps normal saline to flush the urethral stones into the bladder.
"How long is the surgery?"
"Around 40 minutes."

Alkaline pH, amorphous phosphate crystals, blood +

The owner decided on surgery 5 days later. I advised 4 days of antibiotics to clear the bladder of infections.  Urine test will be done soon. 

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