Thursday, October 31, 2013

1142. Follow up on the Bichon - Nov 1, 2013

Friday Nov 1, 2013  2.49 am
I woke up at 2.49 am to check on the Bichon, housed in the back patio overnight. "In," I said several times before he would walk down the flight of 4 steps to the small grass patch. He looked at me again. No more urgency to urinate as in some days ago when he was closed indoors.

He did not stand like a statue and raise his right leg against the wall as in earlier nights. This means he has no more urination problems.

When I came back from home at 8.30 pm yesterday, he was in the living room and barked loudly again. I banned him into the kitchen area whenever he barked at anybody coming to the house. This is part of training over several months and is not 100% successful.

Yesterday there was the caregiver at home and so he did not urinate on the kitchen floor. No more urinary cathether. He is fed canned chicken gourmet food (Science Diet) and medicine to dissolve his stones. So far, so good.   

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