Friday, November 1, 2013

1143. A 2-year-old male Shih Tzu cannot pee at all - spiked urinary stone

The owner had the Shih Tzu x-rayed at another practice. 3 X-rays were taken. One of them showed the spikes.  However, the images needed imagination.

It is not usual for vets to drain the bladder of urine via a catheter and pump in 20 ml of air to provide a good contrast.

During surgery by Dr Daniel, the large beautiful stone looks so much like a lady's precious stone.

Around 42 hours post-cystotomy,  my assistant walked the dog this morning. I checked the wound.  The xize-15 e-collar prevent direct licking of the surgical stitches but bruised the surrounding areas. The dog is extremely active and is normal. He urine-marked the clinic floor. I noticed some discoloured urine. 3 rows of sutures were placed on the bladder according to Dr Daniel as the bladder was bleeding (a blood vessel was nearby and stitched).

Usually, I place 2 rows of sutures and there will be bladder wall bleeding. Each vet has his or her own assessment on the spot and each case differs.

Urine test 42 hrs post surgery. dipstick. Fed dry food from owner.
Blood 4+  pH 5, SG 1.04, WBC +,  protein 2+


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